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Connectify – turn your computer into Wi-Fi router


    Latest version: 3.2.0
    License: Freeware
    Language: English
    Support Platforms: Windows XP/Vista/7
    File size: 7.6 MiB
    File name: ConnectifyInstaller.exe
    Downloads: 639

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    Connectify is a program that is primarily intended to turn your home computer into a real Wi-Fi router, what means to create an Internet connection point which can connect multiple users.

    Key Features of Connectify:

    • This software has become possible to use due to appearance of some improvements and updates to the Windows 7 operating systems family. Unfortunately, the main advantage of the program, as well as disadvantage, is the ability to work only in the environment of this operating system.
    • During your first start, as well as the follow-ups, the application automatically finds currently active Wi-Fi access points. You can use them even without authorization, in case particular network supports it.
    • The drawback of the program is the fact it supports only one radio modem. Software of this level on smartphones like Sony Ericsson XPERIA or HTC can find almost all active access points. HTC in particular can even ignore password.

    Connectify pro license key

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